1. The Seller guarantees that the sold goods are free from manufacturer defects.
2. The warranty period lasts 12 months counting from the day the product was purchased.
3. The Guarantor is obligated to repair or exchange the damaged product(s) for free as long as the complaint is considered valid, however with the stipulation that the Guarantor decides on how the claim is managed.
4. The Guarantor is not responsible for any damage(s) to the product or its parts caused by other factors than the manufacturer defects. The Guarantor is not responsible especially for:

Any mechanical damage(s) not present while purchasing, including damages that can occur as a result of improper transportation or storage conditions, inaccurate utilization (eg. soaking, improper care, carrying too heavy objects) or as a result of an accident;

Wear and tear of a product(s) resulting from utilization, especially any stains, differences in color or leather structure, cracks, scrapes or wrinkles that appear in course of utilization and issue from natural leather features;

Any damages resulting from utilization which is incompatible with product's purpose;

Any damages resulted by external factors independent from the Seller;

Any defects resulting from the Customer's negligence;

Any leather damage caused by sunlight, exposure to extremely low or high temperatures, scrapes, contact with acids, solvents or other chemical substances, water;

Damages resulting from improper care and preservation from weather conditions (leather products should be polished with special cream, should not be dried in sunlight, exposed to rain or other harsh weather conditions);

Tarnishing, discolorations of metal elements (they should be polished with dry cloth, so that they don't lose color);

Sub-standard (damaged) or discount products;

Any damages to products purchased with invoice for the Customer's business activity.

5. Should a damage occur within the warranty period, the Seller repairs the product(s) or exchanges it (them) on their own cost. In that case the Customer should send the purchased product on their own cost to: Eco World Food Ltd, flat 7, 5 Buchanan Street, EH6 8SJ, Edinburgh. They should enclose the complaint form, warranty and a copy of the bill of sale. Not including a copy of the bill of sale enables the Guarantor to refuse to consider the complaint.

6. The delivery cost and exchange cost of the product under complaint, in case the complaint is considered valid, is covered by the Customer. The delivery cost of the reparation/exchange is covered by the Seller.
7. The complaint is managed within 14 days counting from the day the Seller receives the package.
8. Should the Seller identify the product as irreparable, the Customer is reserved the right to exchange the product into a new product, free from damage.
9. Should the product under claim be withdrawn from sales, the Customer is reserved the right to choose another product with the same or higher price, in which case the difference in value should be made even.
10. The warranty card is valid with the bill of sales. Should the Customer lose the card, they cannot ask for a duplicate.
11. The warranty granted for the purchased product(s) does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the Customer, should the product(s) be incompatible with the purchase agreement.