To keep your bag in good condition you have to take care of it. Leather preservation with high quality products prevents it from ugly scratches and stains. You can find some tips on how to take care of you bag here.

1)Zippers – always zip you bag(s) up. Wipe it with natural beeswax, which shall make it last long.

2)Leather – moisturize the leather. Preserving it that way, you make it more immune to humidity, stains, scratches and cracks. Use only professional creams etc. and repeat the preservation process regularly.

3)Varnished leather – clean the bag with water mixed with vinegar or use a glass cleaner. Do not use cleaners with acetone or ethyl alcohol.

4)Contents – carry only what is necessary. Do not overload your bag. Too heavy objects could overstretch the handles and loosen the stitching.

5)Weather conditions – to protect your bag from rain use silicon spray.

6)Suede – it's very hard to clean, therefore it needs special treatment. It appreciates brushing (not against the grain!) with suede brushes and applying special creams. If the bag has stiff handles, wrap them with some cotton cloth so that it doesn't come in contact with suede.

7)Don't try to remove stains on suede on your own. Suede brush can help with small scratches, however leave the „serious stains” to professionals.

8)Be careful with cosmetics – some of them, like perfumes, lotions can cause discoloration. These beauty products are not adequate for your bag as they penetrate the fabric and make it look older.

9)Protect the bag from dust – our bags are sold with eco bags, which shall protect the bag from dust, dirt etc. If you don't have the eco bag, use a cotton cloth or pillowcase.

10)Varnished leather – don't keep it together with dark bags, because it can cause discolorations

11)Unusual fabrics (e.g. snake leather) – they need special care. To clean it, use a white cloth and water, yet leave troublesome cases to experts.

12)Give the bag a rest – the expression „everyday bag” is a little bit exaggerated, as your bag sometimes needs “a rest”. Try to “leave the bag alone” every so often.

13)Fabric bags – they tend to attract dust more than other bags, so try to freshen it up with some dump cloth before you put them to the closet. Try not to remove stains on your own.

14)Storage – for the bag to keep its shape when stored, put some bubble wrap or white contact paper inside (not colorful magazines or papers, which can cause discolorations). Store your bag on a a shelve, not on the bottom of the closet, where it can be squished and become shapeless. Do not stack bags!

15)Little bags – wrap them with white and put it inside a carton box. The handles should be tucked inside, which prevents from scratches and wrinkles. Store bags decorated with beads, small crystals, sequins etc. separately.



1)Store your bags dry in cool and ventilated place

2)Do not expose the bags to direct sunlight, flames or heat-emitting devices. Do not clean the bags with strong detergents. Do not use sharp objects to lift the bags.

3)If the bag become wet, dry it out with soft, white fabric. Be careful when you carry the bag when it's raining.

4)Be careful with shoe polishing products. They are not always safe for bag leather.

5)Do not use water to clean leather bags. Do not use plant creams to polish the bags.

6)Take care of metal elements in your bags. They can be easily oxidized when exposed to humidity or sunlight.

7)It's natural for the leather to show pores with time.